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”From beginning to end, In the Long Run is stylistically bold, a pop-heavy album with dark atmospheric lyricism and elements of Americana roots music employed sparingly, skillfully and with intention for maximum effect.” – Adventures in Americana

Since an early age, the songwriting has been drawn from Vingard’s diary, in which she gives space for mistakes and expresses thoughts that often get caught in her mind. At only 15 years of age, she wrote music for a German movie and recently won the Danish Battle of The Bands, securing the title of the best live band in 2021. With her rich voice, vulnerable lyrics, and present sound, she has found a solid place in the Americana field. Keep an eye out for this one.

Vingard has performed more than 300 concerts, including sold-out tours in Germany. In 2022, the singer from North Jutland, Denmark, settled in Berlin and wrote her debut album "In The Long Run." The album was released on September 1st, 2023, and has received domestic and international praise, described as timeless, clear, and honest. In Denmark, GAFFA refers to it as a promising debut.

”Ganske enkelt et af de bedste danske albums, jeg nogensinde har hørt. Albummet indeholder sange, der har en fed country-vibe, nogle vildt stærke melodier, episke tekster og en sangstemme, der er en billboard-liste værdig.” – MUUV

“Vingards musik sætter lytteren i fokus på en måde, hvor de kan genkende sig selv i de følelser, hun formidler.” – VINK

”Classy musicians, great vocals, and that indefinable thing - stage presence. Vingard and her talented band gave our audience something they really appreciate. Professionalism and quality.” - Martin Tomlinson, CPH Listening Room

”En Lovende Debut” – GAFFA
”Et smukt og ærligt debutalbum” – HUN SOLO ”

Et tidløst album” – Danske Bands

"...The lyrics, which are unique and enigmatic enough to belong in a poetry chapbook." - Adventures in Americana

“Here is the emotional intensity, expressiveness, and fluency I was looking for!” – Kiraz Müzik.

It’s swifter than Taylor. And vocally, she intrigues me.” - Nordic Music Central